Coleridges Notebooks: A Selection

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Like Hopkins, too, a delight in natural wonders often played itself against a background of deep if incoherent dejection.

Coleridge's Notebooks: A Selection

Charles Lamb later recollected the sort of reception which the boys received:. Now, in the glorious Spring of , he was witnessing lovely things a-plenty, and all in the enriching company of the Wordsworths and the Hutchinson sisters, with one of whom, Sara, he was falling in love: the world could not have assumed a more festive aspect.

But, as Coleridge lamented in his long manuscript poem to Sara dated 4 April though surely the work of more than one night that Spring the outward delights worked only to show that in some crucial and deep-seated way he was not up to them:. It is a poem of great sadness, as goes without saying, but it is at the same time a poem of quite marvellous acuity: who on earth in English poetry had ever looked at a sunset like that before?

In a very Coleridgean way, unhappiness becomes the precondition of something wonderful, which is no less vividly realised for being presented as sadly beyond the grasp of the poet.

by Seamus Perry (Editor)

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With Free Saver Delivery. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Share. Description Samuel Taylor Coleridge was one of the Romantic Age's most enigmatic figures, a genius of astonishing diversity; author of some of the most famous poems in the English language, and co-author, with Wordsworth, of Lyrical Ballads; one of England's greatest critics and theorists of literature and imagination; as well as autobiographer, nature-writer, philosopher, theologian, psychologist and distinguished speaker.

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Throughout his life, he confided his thoughts and emotions to his notebooks, where we can still see his speculations and observations taking shape.