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The chemicals released in the brain by cocaine also play a role in maintaining normal feelings of happiness. The addict will try to avoid these negative feelings by using more of the drug as soon as these symptoms arise. These actions can ultimately lead to changes in other parts of the brain that result in the drug use becoming an obsession and compulsion—like an itch that must be scratched no matter what the outcome.

This is why addicts will continue to use the drug despite all of the negative consequences. The obsession with the drug is also referred to as craving. Most drug users deny that they have a problem, and push family and friends away. You may feel helpless, frustrated, and unable to cope.

Cocaine: Understanding Its Effects

You can get help by contacting a local drug abuse treatment center. You should also do the following:. Physical symptoms of withdrawal can begin within a few hours and last up to seven days. The inability to enjoy normal pleasure may last longer. After the patient has been medically stabilized from the effects of withdrawal from cocaine, and other drugs or alcohol, he or she enters the next phase of addiction treatment.

This involves group participation, counseling, and, often, psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

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The goal of counseling is to help the addict understand the effects of cocaine use, face the issues that lead to drug use, and learn ways to stay away from cocaine. If the addict also suffers from a psychiatric issue, such as depression or bipolar disorder , such issues also need to be treated or else they will probably help cause the person to go back to using drugs.

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We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Cocaine Crack Cocaine is a stimulant drug known as coke; it is injected or snorted. Crack is a form of cocaine that is processed so that it can be smoked. Both are very addictive and very dangerous. Appointments It happens in about 10 minutes for crack cocaine. The user will then feel agitated and depressed.

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They will want more cocaine. People who use cocaine often become dependent. Their behavior will change. They become preoccupied with cocaine, often at the expense of other recreational activities.

The drug can interrupt sleep. This can cause mood swings and irritability.

Cocaine: Selected full-text books and articles

To lessen these effects, the person may start using alcohol or other sedatives. This can cause the brain to need cocaine just to feel normal. Crack smoking can lead to chronic sore throat and lung damage. Death can result from cocaine use.

This can happen even in first-time or healthy users. Sudden death may be the result of:. The risk of death increases significantly on hot summer days. Cocaine impairs the body's ability to cool itself.

Cocaine and crack

In addition, it can increase body temperature. When this occurs on hot summer days a person may suffer heat stroke. Some users have a higher risk of death from cocaine use. These include users with heart conditions or high blood pressure. There are other serious effects. Chronic users can become addicted to other drugs or they may develop mental health problems. People who inject the drug are at risk for diseases such as hepatitis. Sharing of needles can spread HIV.

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