Drug Safety in Clinical Practice

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Chapter 5 - Pharmacovigilance in Clinical Practice

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Glossary of Drug Safety Terms

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Patient Safety Tips: Medication Safety during your Hospital Stay

Drugs may cause disease, or they may aggravate the morbidity of the condition for which they are prescribed, and certain patients may for one or other reason be particularly liable to drug injury. The inextricable relationships between the toxic profiles of drugs, the natural history of the diseases for which they are given, and the adverse drug effects that may develop in the course of such diseases are of considerable interest.


Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety | Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy

It is the study of these rather neglected aspects of pharmacology and therapeutics which has formed the basis of this book. Clinical trial simulation is one innovative way that can improve the efficiency of clinical development. Simulation can be used across the drug development process, from informing study design, to modelling drug-drug interactions, and specific patient populations e. We are working with our members and regulators to develop guidance on these innovative tools, such as physiologically based pharmacokinetic PBPK modelling.

Read our Clinical trial simulations — an essential tool in drug development publication. The UK scored a world first in the AZ-MRC initiative that provided unprecedented access to proprietary pharmaceutical compounds for academia to use in preclinical or clinical research as tool compounds, for example to gain understanding of mechanisms of disease.

Confidential prescribing and patient safety reports on key indicators now available free for GPs

In some cases, access to compounds that may have been terminated in the development process for a particular disease indication, may be explored for repurposing in another disease indication where there is a scientific rationale - this would save considerable time and effort in development, and open up potential avenues for new treatments. Drug safety pharmacovigilance.

Drug safety also known as pharmacovigilance , is the science of detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of side effects which allows us to understand more about the risks and benefits of a medicine. Research, medical and innovation Our work to deliver the medicines of tomorrow Driving innovation Early research and development Electronic health Clinical research and late phase clinical trials Regulatory affairs Drug safety pharmacovigilance Manufacturing and quality Sustainability Counterfeiting.