Nanotechnology: Nanofabrication, Patterning, and Self Assembly

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Prog Mater Sci. Indium phosphide nanowires as building blocks for nanoscale electronic and optoelectronic devices.

Toward site-specific, homogeneous and highly stable fluorescent silver nanoclusters fabrication on triplex DNA scaffolds. Nucleic Acids Res. An immobile nucleic acid junction constructed from oligonucleotides. DNA double-crossover molecules[J]. DNA-templated self-assembly of protein arrays and highly conductive nanowires. Self-assembly of hexagonal DNA two-dimensional 2D arrays.

Sequence symmetry as a tool for designing DNA nanostructures. Angew Chem Int Edit. Conformational flexibility facilitates self-assembly of complex DNA nanostructures. Highly connected two-dimensional crystals of DNA six-point-stars.

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Rsc Advances. Angew Chem Int Ed. Acs Nano. Synthesis from DNA of a molecule with the connectivity of a cube. Hierarchical self-assembly of DNA into symmetric supramolecular polyhedra. Binary self-assembly of highly symmetric DNA nanocages via sticky-end engineering. Chinese Chemical Letters. Folding DNA to create nanoscale shapes and patterns[J]. Analogic China map constructed by DNA. Chinese Science Bulletin.

DNA origami design of dolphin-shaped structures with flexible tails. Nano Lett. Self-assembly of a nanoscale DNA box with a controllable lid. Design and construction of a box-shaped 3D-DNA origami. Chem Commun. Self-assembly of DNA into nanoscale three-dimensional shapes. Folding and cutting DNA into reconfigurable topological nanostructures. Nat Nanotech. DNA origami with complex curvatures in three-dimensional space. Complex shapes self-assembled from single-stranded DNA tiles.

Rolling circle amplification-based DNA origami nanostructrures for intracellular delivery of immunostimulatory drugs[J].

Design and synthesis of triangulated DNA origami trusses. Woehrstein, Peng Yin. DNA rendering of polyhedral meshes at the nanoscale. Complex wireframe DNA origami nanostructures with multi-arm junction vertices.

1. Introduction: globalizing fashion and ecumenical promise

Angew Chem. DNA self-assembly scaled up. Fractal assembly of micrometre-scale DNA origami arrays with arbitrary patterns. Gigadalton-scale shapeprogrammable DNA assemblies. Programmable self-assembly of three-dimensional nanostructures from 10, unique components. Biotechnological mass production of DNA origami. Angew Chem Inter Ed. Site-specific control of distances between gold nanoparticles using phosphorothioate anchors on DNA and a short bifunctional molecular fastener.

Angewandte Chemie. DNA-mediated control of metal nanoparticle shape: one-pot synthesis and cellular uptake of highly stable and functional gold nanoflowers. DNA sequencedependent morphological evolution of silver nanoparticles and their optical and hybridization properties. Facile and efficient preparation of anisotropic DNA-functionalized gold nanoparticles and their regioselective assembly. Journal of the American Chemical Society. DNA-assembled bimetallic plasmonic nanosensors.

Acs Photonics. Nanogapengineerable Raman-active nanodumbbells for single-molecule detection.

Nat Mater. Optimizing gold nanoparticle seeding density on DNA origami. Heteroassembly of gold nanoparticles on a DNA origami template. Scientia Sinica Chemica. Control of self-assembly of DNA tubules through integration of gold nanoparticles. Rolling up gold nanoparticle-dressed DNA origami into three-dimensional plasmonic chiral nanostructures. DNA-based self-assembly of chiral plasmonic nanostructures with tailored optical response. Three-dimensional plasmonic chiral tetramers assembled by DNA origami.

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Adv Mater. Reconfigurable 3D plasmonic metamolecules. Selective control of reconfigurable chiral plasmonic metamolecules. Science Adv. Acc Chem Res. Au nanorod helical superstructures with designed chirality. A light-driven three-dimensional plasmonic nanosystem that translates molecular motion into reversible chiroptical function.

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Nat Commun. Berman, Erez Braun. Microwave synthesis of electrically conductive gold nanowires on DNA scaffolds. Langmuir ,24 17 Diameter-dependent evolution of failure current density of highly conducting DNA-templated gold nanowires. DNA-templated assembly and electrode attachment of a conducting silver wire. Optimized fabrication and electrical analysis of silver nanowires templated on DNA molecules. Applied Physics Letters. Langmuir ,22 24 DNA-templated fabrication of nickel nanocluster chains. Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures.

Construction of highly conductive nanowires on a DNA template. Low-temperature resistance of DNA-templated nanowires. Applied Physics A. Approaching the limit: can one DNA oligonucleotide assemble into large nanostructures. Photoinduced formation of electrically conductive thin palladium nanowires on DNA scaffolds. J Phy Chem B. Palladium nanoparticle-controlled growth of magnetic cobalt nanowires on DNA templates.

Materials Letters. DNA origami metallized site specifically to form electrically conductive nanowires. Electrically conductive gold- and copper-metallized DNA origami nanostructures. Langmuir ,29 10 Site-specific metallization of multiple metals on a single DNA origami template. Langmuir ,30 4 A crystallographic study of the binding of 13 metal ions to two related RNA duplexes.

Sci Rep-Uk. Inorg Chem. The structure of metallo-DNA with consecutive thymine-HgII-thymine base pairs explains positive entropy for the metallo base pair formation. Controlled stacking of 10 transition-metal ions inside a DNA duplex. Nucleic acid nanomaterials: Silver-wired DNA. Nat Chem. Maskless fabrication of broadband antireflection nanostructures on glass surfaces.

Journal of Optics , 18 6 , Antireflective coatings with adjustable transmittance and high laser-induced damage threshold prepared by deposition of magnesium fluoride nanoparticles.

Self-assembly of nanoparticles

Applied Surface Science , , Eisaman, Charles T. Subnm self-assembled nanotextures for enhanced broadband antireflection in silicon solar cells. Nature Communications , 6 1 DOI: Block copolymer self-assembly for nanophotonics. Chemical Society Reviews , 44 15 , Block copolymer self assembly for design and vapor phase synthesis of one-dimensional nanostructured materials. Kontziampasis, G. Boulousis, A. Smyrnakis, K.

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Ellinas, A. Tserepi, E. Microelectronic Engineering , , Hydrophobic and oleophobic anti-reflective polyacrylate coatings. Larson, Gregory W. Strout, Zhisheng Shi. Responsivity enhancement of mid-infrared PbSe detectors using CaF 2 nano-structured antireflective coatings. Applied Physics Letters , 2 , Tunable antireflection from conformal Al-doped ZnO films on nanofaceted Si templates. Nanoscale Research Letters , 9 1 , Gu, I. Gunkel, T. Pattern transfer using block copolymers. Marco Faustini, Glenna L.

45th International Conference on Micro & Nano Engineering

Drisko, Alban A. Self-assembled titanium calcium oxide nanopatterns as versatile reactive nanomasks for dry etching lithographic transfer with high selectivity. Nanoscale , 5 3 , Xin Zhang, Andrei B. Sushkov, Christopher J. Metting, Sean Fackler, H. Dennis Drew, R. Plasma Processes and Polymers , 9 10 , Aimi Abass, Khai Q.

Dual-interface gratings for broadband absorption enhancement in thin-film solar cells. Enhanced transmittance and hydrophilicity of nanostructured glass substrates with antireflective properties using disordered gold nanopatterns. Optics Express , 20 4 , Advanced Materials , 23 48 , Room temperature large-area nanoimprinting for broadband biomimetic antireflection surfaces. Applied Physics Letters , 99 18 , Pair your accounts.