Strategic Management and Public Service Performance

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Seven Competencies to Manage Strategic Performance

Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. Land use. Factory system. Strategic Management and Public Service Performance demonstrates that strategic management makes a difference to the performance of public organizations. In detail the authors show how all three of the major elements of strategic management matter for the effectiveness of public services: strategy content, formulation and implementation.

Strategic management

Often, however, it is impossible to provide a straightforward answer to the question 'does strategic management matter? Given the concerns about the value of strategic management tools in public organizations, and in particular concerns associated with strategic planning and performance measurement, richer empirical evidence is essential to more clearly understand the relationship between these tools and PSP George and Desmidt, Such evidence can help to address the contradiction where, on the one hand, strategic management tools are being adopted by public organizations worldwide and, on the other hand, we do not fully know whether these tools actually deliver on their promises, and rebuff critiques.

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This study addresses this contradiction by positing that while SG and AP i. Building from propositions developed by Boyne for PI and targets we hypothesize that this association is concave and curvilinear —indicating that, initially, a positive association exists but this association becomes negative when too many SG, AP, PI and targets are put in place. This hypothesis is tested by drawing on data from Flemish municipalities.

Strategy content and public service provider performance in the UK: an alternative approach

In Flanders i. To address this, data for the independent variables are gathered by analyzing the multi-annual plan of each Flemish municipality and data for the dependent variable are gathered by identifying the Self-Financing Margin in the annual account of each municipality.

Due to our hypotheses and data both a linear and nonlinear model are tested using OLS regression analysis. Preliminary multivariate statistical results show that strategic goals and performance indicators —two central elements of strategic planning and performance measurement— have a concave curvilinear relationship with PSP, implying an initial positive association which becomes negative when too many strategic goals and performance indicators are formulated.

The contributions of this study to public administration theory and practice are threefold. First, we address the calls for more large-n quantitative evidence by investigating the relation between strategic planning, performance measurement and PSP in all Flemish municipalities.