The Zen Path Through Depression (Plus)

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Confluent with NeiGong. Look after the Anger underneath the depression. Let the Inner Child talk. And the Eternal Child sits on his lap. Let us free ourself. Of anxiety and anger. Thank you, Sifu Anthony. Your posts are thought provoking and touching. I, also, battle with negative thoughts. What I can control. All your posts help me to be better today than I was yesterday. And, I am striving to do that very thing, and learning along the way. Hi, Anthony! I loved this piece. It coincides very much with my own teeny, tiny enlightening from cancer last year.

I realized at some point that the desperate need I had for others to love and approve of me was a gift I could give to myself, every day, all day. Thanks for your thoughtful writing and sharing from experience. She is also a cancer survivor. Anthony this is a great article. It is direct, frank, and simple to read. The message is clearly from your heart. But it eventually gets swallowed up by the voicelessness behind it all.

I do not have depression, but self-love is really important. As there is a saying that you do not know how to love others only if you know how to love yourself first. I find the second part more difficult than the first part most of the time. It is essential to do this however. I very much enjoyed your blog today.

I especially like the heart-shaped leaf. Great post! Now, to be gentle with myself for not doing this perfectly each time, LOL! This is such a great post. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Smile from the heart, bring out your inner smile, be happy, …. For what? When we love ourselves, when we love, we smile! That voice in our head is cultured and educated it has power… The masters said to weaken the mind…the baby has no power yet he is a magnet.

This is so nice if we can come up with the image. But you , Sifu , came up with something simple and practical , easy to hang on to, easy to talk about. It feels good to conquer the demons! Thank you for this very straight forward and clear article coming straight from the heart..

I will work on that! Now I have many worries, along with chronic pain that is fortunately not debilitating physically, but keeps me from ever sleeping well. Thank you for posting your insights here. I find my emotional struggles now, at my age, to be much more difficult than when I was younger, as my place in the world is actually very vulnerable, and my task is to somehow ignore this frightening reality. Thanks for sharing this. It is a brilliant technique that I will use on myself but also a few of my Mental health clients that have the challenge of negative berating voices.

You are right. We must get rid of these horrid way of speaking to ourselves for things to change. Its soul destroying and I want to live a healthy fulfilling life with happiness. I will definitely be trying Qigong out and trying to tell the asshole in my head to go away. As I read through this article, I had several epiphanies. Being a college student and adjusting to so many changes in my life i have truly learned what it means to love yourself. Enjoying your own company, and not relying on anyone for your happiness is invigorating.

It feels really good to be content with who you are for once rather than how others make you feel. Great article! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Login to Qi School. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content. I have an actual black dog named Ziggy who is the opposite of depression. I enjoyed spending time with my mom and brother during their visit and picked fewer fights than usual. My holidays may have been at times great or quiet, but they certainly were not perfect.

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They were indicative of real life and the pleasures and pains that arise from it. The holidays were the affirmation and reboot I needed, proof that I am making baby steps towards being a better family member and less anxious, more fulfilled human though still obviously have plenty of work to do. During these times, my room felt more like a cave.

Yesterday, I happened to look up, and I saw that one of the bulbs in the light fixture had burned out. There may not be a better symbol for The room and year is already looking a little brighter. One of the perks of working on a university campus, or at least the campus where I work, is a movement to support the wellbeing of employees via meditation!

I was IN. For the first session, I went with a colleague who showed me the ropes pointed out where the bathroom and free food were, in that order. Then, the leader asked us to go around the room introducing ourselves and commenting on what abundance means to us. This was prior to Thanksgiving, and that theme was popping up many places, in association with overeating, in association with gratitude for whom and what surrounds us.

I was unaware I would have to speak in front of a group of strangers… There truly is no free lunch. Ultimately, I did what I often do: turned bright crimson and crossed my fingers that I made sense as all the words I had planned to say vanished into the ether as soon as it was my turn and I felt all the eyes in the room shift onto me.

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I then repeated that process after the meditation, as the leader again had us go around the room and share further comments. I slunk away and hoped they would forget how inarticulate I was by next time. People who meditate are likely not the judgiest of humans, but my anxiety nagged at me even in my happy place. The actual guided meditation was great. As was the salad. I knew I had to go back. A warm body is a passable security blanket. I waffled, but thought of that sweet, sweet salad. I walked over on my own under a blue sky, the crisp winter air on my face. The second time around, I was an old hat.

I knew the drill. I loaded up on salad and started chatting with the woman sitting next to me. The opening question was easier what is your favorite part of December? The second time around, I focused on the meditation calming and not the vocal contributions or potential judgment thereof. And I walked back solo through the cold, bringing some zen back to my colleagues.

I just finished a book I checked out in June. I know, I know, I rag on others for their excessive renewals. And I have the hookup for renewals!

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I remember fondly the day I checked this book out. It was a weekday afternoon, and I had just gotten sushi for lunch with my friend and coworker. She returned to work, and I told another coworker I was there to pick up the book waiting for me on the hold shelf. Because we are book people, she was interested: what book was it!? Her unasked questions, I know well: was it new? Was it a novel or nonfiction? Should she know about it? The gleam in her eye turned to laughter when I showed her: a random, nondescript, nonexciting book published in about Kundalini yoga practice.

I was the only one excited about this book. After all, it took me a while to start, and a whiiiile to complete. This is partly an effect of reading multiple books at a time: sometimes it takes me ages to finish a physical book. Audiobooks zip by. But turning the actual pages takes time especially since I check out too many at once. I gave myself permission a couple weeks to not post a blog mini-quitting.

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And when I am reading, I want to enjoy it. As good as Just Mercy is, it is also about people wrongfully convicted and their prison stories. It is interesting—in some cases, various psychiatric disorders can be brought about by bacteria, but there were just. I gave myself permission to quit after dutifully reading half of it.

But the Kundalini book, I would not allow myself to give up. I needed to read it. No matter how farfetched and ridiculous it sounded. Even if it meant I stopped and started and stopped and started. That is why I like it so much. I am prepared for you! Weirdly positive. Especially compared to the expletives that usually make up my communication with fellow roadmates. Even so, I can still slip into those habits within hours of working out, or another positive experience of some kind.

I need to build and use my anti-anxiety toolkit, using whichever methods give me success, as weird as they may be. There is no quitting in anxiety—on either end. Springtime is warm and sunny and helpful to my mood. There has been a sharp uptick in my weekly exercise.. As you can see from my pirated photos of her awesome work, she too suffers from periods of anxiety and depression, often not pictured due to current events and from social situations.

Another way to do that is meditation. I have gotten a little lazy on that front, and often only use a meditation app to fall asleep rather than doing my standalone exercises. It has been great. Yesterday, though, I learned that she will be moving the class from Saturday afternoon yay weekend availability! Under typical mental health circumstances, I would never have gone back.


I even stopped lying to them to get that sweet, sweet student discount. Instead, throughout the summer at least, I intend to ask my boss if I can work different hours so that I can make it there in time, because it is that important in centering and rejuvenating me. Where once I disdained the soft, gentle yoga-teacher speak, now I see it as worthy of aspiration.

In addition to yogic calm, I once eye-rolled and avoided the following items HARD and have now come to love, advocate, or at bare minimum tolerate them:. That last youthful judgment brings me to my next point. For real this time though I have said I should probably go for proooobably four years. Lightening the load by talking—to friends who have been there, getting to know the kindness of new friends, or to the olde standbys of supportive family, or to a therapist—generally makes it better. Emote-avoidance, begone! Let us celebrate mental health progress with clogs and St.

Not long ago, our public library did a large renovation and an entire floor was completely closed and furniture dispersed. This displacement meant that the computers were now in a more central space near the entrance. This more prominent location meant there was far less inappropriate viewing behavior, ie. That said, there are many regulars who tend to sit at the computers for lengths of time. One of them spends his internet time arguing with people in the comments sections on Facebook.

When he gets heated, he either 1 slams his fingers onto the keyboard, loudly or 2 hums, loudly or 3 hums, loudly and aggressively. When I say loudly, I mean audible from a great distance. He knows he does these things, and library staff librarians and building monitors alike have spoken to him many times about respecting the library computers and not disrupting fellow customers.

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  • Another repeat customer I helped with his resume similarly had a volume modulation issue. But as much as I despise those anxiety-inducing behaviors, one day I was proud of them. She accepted this, walked away, and I feared my explanation did nothing to pull her from her cozy privilege cocoon. Some people do not have computers at home. Maybe they are using our databases to do genealogical research, or print out their boarding passes, or print out really anything!

    The public library is for everyone! That is literally the point of our existence! Now, though I do not myself spend time on Facebook at the library, I spend plenty of time on it at home. Last week, I did something that I ordinarily hate: I wrote about my feelings and shared it on Facebook. It was an off-brand, atypically personal post.

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    I was not talking about the past two weeks of crying over my failed relationship. Being sad can exist away from depression. I used that phrase not to diminish depression, because the point of depression is that it is not finite; it permeates through time and darkens joy. When I used the phrase lightly depressed, I meant my tendency of the last two years to say no rather than yes, to stay in rather than do any activity out of the house, to remain stationary when I needed to get up and moving my body.