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If the decanter is removed for more than 30 seconds while the unit is brewing it may cause the coffeemaker to overflow. Make sure the decanter is replaced promptly after removing. The decanter may not have been properly positioned under the brew basket.

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Be sure the decanter is centered directly under the brew basket. Using too much coffee grounds may cause the coffeemaker to overflow.

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The filter may have become folded over. Make sure the filter is properly centered in the brew basket. Try wetting the edges to prevent filter collapse. The brew basket may not have been closed completely.

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Check to make sure the brew basket is fully closed and on some models latched. Using coffee that is too finely ground can sometimes result in overflow.

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Use only coffee that is ground for automatic drip coffeemakers. The coffee may taste bad due to the following reasons: Age of coffee beans affects its taste. Old coffee may taste stale.

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The coffee will taste the best if you use fresh beans. Quality of coffee beans and type of water you use will have an impact on the coffee taste. The cleanliness of your coffeemaker.

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Make sure to clean the unit every brews. When using a paper filter, there might be times that the filter will collapse and may cause an overflow. If the filter is collapsing in your coffee brewer, first make sure you are using the correct size and shape filter in the unit. Basket Filters: Paper or Permanent 4 cup filter - 4 cup coffeemaker cup filter - 8, 10, or 12 cup coffeemaker Cone Filters: Paper or Permanent 2 cone filter - 4 cup coffeemaker 4 cone filter - 8, 10, or 12 cup coffeemaker If you are using the correct size, try the following: Wet the sides of the filter before adding the coffee and sticking them to the sides of the filter basket.

A permanent filter would also solve this problem. Be sure that the unit is plugged into a working outlet. When initially setting up the coffeemaker, it is necessary to wait at least 20 minutes to allow the water in the internal tank to reach the ideal brewing temperature.

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When brewing consecutive pots of coffee, it is necessary to wait 10 minutes in between to allow the water in the internal tank to reach the ideal brewing temperature. IF the above suggestions do NOT resolve your problem, please contact us via email. Make sure the coffeemaker is plugged into a working V electrical outlet. Make sure the power switch is turned on. Make sure the water reservoir has water in it.

The unit may require cleaning to remove mineral deposits that build up over time. Should we finish this at your house? Or mine? He huffed. The bell rang and everyone got up and started packing.

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Kai was the one acting like a fool this morning. He was very close to Sehun. Will you tell him to meet me in the library after school? I want to get this done as soon as possible. A few hours later, school ended. I was sitting in the library, 4 books on the table about our subject and waiting patiently for Sehun to arrive. My head is on the stack of books and my eyes were getting droopy.

Sehun was standing in front of me. But I had detention. My parents called for dinner.

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Who has dinner this early? Of course. I walked into class and come joker thought it was hilarious to stick his foot out. In just moments, the things in my arms flew in different directions and I face planted to the floor. Guess in front of who. After this situation, I hurried to sit down. After class, I decided to try again and ask him. It was about in the morning when I finished the whole project.

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I only had hours of sleep before coming in with the whole report. My body was beyond tired and I was falling asleep.

I handed the project to professor before leaving class. I turned around and saw Sehun was running up to me. My heart beat sped up.