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The Handbook of Social Policy - Google книги

Contemporary World Issues covers the controversial topics that students, readers, and citizens want to read about, write about, and know more about. So how can there be an energy "crisis"?

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It seems to be defined by tabloids, short-lived celebrity romances, television gossip shows, glamour, and glitz. In reality, it is a serious, profit-driven business, like any other industry; yet the entertainment business is also uniquely driven by unusual economic principles. Are women committing more violent crimes?

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More white-collar crimes? Have they moved into illegal activities that were previously male preserves?

The legacy of welfare reform, 20 years later

What about current punitive crime-control policies—do they help, or merely create a cycle of imprisonment? These and other questions are explored in this fact-filled volume. As such, sports represent a universally appealing celebration of the human spirit. However, the exciting spectacle of professional sports often overshadows the fact that "a fair competition environment" is typically an ideal rather than a reality. This book provides the first comprehensive information and detailed data on the welfare systems of all twenty-seven EU member states and offers the reader an invaluable introduction and basis for comparative welfare research.

The introductory chapter summarizes the actual debate about welfare states and welfare state regimes, gives an overview on current welfare state research and analyses the main recent developments necessitating a new focus on European Welfare Systems. The twenty-seven chapters on the welfare systems of the member states are written on the basis of a common structure by experts from the individual states. An additional chapter analyses the current social and welfare policies of the EU and focuses on the interplay and limits between European and national social policies.

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Two concluding chapters provide a a first comparative analysis on the basis of all twenty-seven European Welfare Systems and b a theoretical reflection both arguing for and venturing the idea of politically limited pluralism in European welfare politics. Search all titles.

The Routledge Handbook to Accountability and Welfare State Reforms in Europe

Search all titles Search all collections. Your Account Logout. The Handbook of European Welfare Systems. Edition 1st Edition.